What Fidenz is, and How We’ve Made This Far

Fidenz Academy is a novel employee recruitment process with on the job training for fresh graduates or undergraduates. Individuals with a passion and skills for software development are selected, trained, and mentored by senior engineers on multiple technologies. The trainees practice the fundamentals of computer programming with real-world problems, and how to effectively work on commercial projects.
Back in 2011, Fidenz Academy wasn’t yet formed. We had invited undergraduates to train with us as an experiment. Such efforts were successful for both the trainees and Fidenz. Some of the trainees were permanently hired, and they are top senior engineers with us now.
Soon after the initial experiment, we were recruiting more and more trainees. This however, made the workload of the mentors cumbersome and overwhelming. Hence, such led us to formulate a set of tutorials for the trainees, followed by assessments. With such changes and modification Fidenz Academy was taking shape and form. Today, the academy follows a well structured and an improved set of tutorials and assignments. Further, we have increased space to accommodate around 20 persons to train with us simultaneously.

Who May Join Fidenz Academy?

All are welcomed to apply. Applicants are chosen strictly on merit.

Please request for an invitation to join the academy by submitting your email address at the bottom of this page. We will send instructions within one working day on how to register for the aptitude test.
The applicants would complete the aptitude as a criterion to be chosen as trainees. Applicants’ interest and commitment for programming will be evaluated as well. We like if the participants have initiated developments on their own, may it be contributions to an open source project, developing simple tools, or utility to try out a programming language.
Trainees would gain two months on the job mentoring and experience at our office, Monday through Friday, 9 to 6 pm.

Aptitude Test

The aptitude test is a series of 100 challenges that qualify the applicants into the Academy.

Interviewing large numbers of candidates is difficult and time consuming. Thus, we have set up an online portal where candidates would complete a series of programming challenges to prove themselves.
First 80 challenges out of the 100 teach you the basics of JavaScript based on freeCodeCamp. There onward it tests your ability to implement algorithms and problem solving skills. If you are confident with JavaScript you may start from the 81st challenge and be selected to the academy accordingly. Completing 10 or more challenges above 80 will likely reserve you a spot at Fidenz Academy.

The Training

Fidenz Academy training bridges the gap of an undergraduate or a fresh graduate with the industrial expectation of an employee. The training, on average, goes on for two months.

We have selected a set of technologies to train the participants. Initial few technologies are the basics of current software development ecosystem. These may include Blockchain, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, ReactJS, Android, iOS, Ruby on Rails, PHP, .Net, Git, and Photoshop.
Everyone starts with HTML/CSS and JavaScript. The rest of the topics depend on individual’s interests and resource requirements of the company. The top priority of the trainee program is to provide experience on how to learn new technologies with a shorter learning curve. Providing in-depth knowledge in specific technologies is secondary at this stage.
Senior and experienced developers would mentor trainees closely throughout the training period. We provide training material for each technology and allocate time for the trainees to learn by themselves. Provided training materials are verified and cover the fundamentals of learning. However, trainees may follow additional resources without limiting to the material we provide.
At the end of the allocated time to study (or earlier if individuals feel confident), we would assess the trainees with an assignment, to be completed as per standards set by Fidenz Academy. The trainees completing assignments successfully move on to the next level of training. The trainees who do not meet the basic discipline in coding will be dropped to provide the opportunity to another.
The above process continues for five different technologies. The trainees completing all successfully and satisfactorily will directly be employed by Fidenz Technologies or our associate companies.

Fidenz Academy Knowledge Base

The Employment

The satisfactory completion of two months training is followed by employment at Fidenz Technologies.

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